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Impact on residents – real life examples
Impact on care staff – real life examples
Before Material Citizenship™ Training

Staff would often feel uneasy
about positive risk-taking.

Staff often worked on the basis of assessing physical harm and overlooked psychological harm.


The home had task orientated routines.


Staff did not notice some of the great work they already do “I just do it”.


Staff lacked confidence.

After Material Citizenship™ Training

Management reported staff were now working with a “can do attitude” in the home.

Material Citizenship™ provided staff with a safety net enabling them to weigh up physical and psychological risk.

One manager said, “it has transformed how we work, residents can eat when they choose rather than meal times, and are enabled to do more when they want to”.

Staff began to notice the great work they were already doing. They began to record it in care plans and encouraged other staff who hadn’t attended the training to adopt this approach.

Staff are more confident in the way they work with other members of staff, residents, relatives and external health professionals.

Impact on care staff
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